Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The birth of a comic book.

This image created back in 2005 jump start the comic book called "Carbon Grey"


  1. This comic deserves to be a regular series...much like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. This is the best comic outside of Buffy, period. So I hope you guys consider this option because once this story ends...I can't think of any other comic that can match Carbon Grey. So please, consider an option to making it a regular series. In my opinion, it knocks the heck out all the regular comics I know of.

    After reading Carbon Grey #3, I'm surprised to read it's going to take 2 or 3 issues under your belt to solicit before sending out more. As for one shots...it would help if you start with Giselle.

  2. Thank you Shwarzwald, we would love to keep it on-going. Please help us spread the words.

    As for the book, it takes us quite a while to finish an issue. We painstakingly painted every panels, which take a long time.