Friday, June 3, 2011


Here is a recent interview I did with John over at Comic Book


  1. i really like your comic, did you know if there are some plans to release a tpb or something

    and what about some wallpapers for my pc :P

    best regards

  2. I still remember taking life drawing in College. Before that I dreaded drawing people. Seeing naked people doesn't phase me anymore either. ;)

    Comic-Con's just around the corner.

  3. Hey Victor, the TPB is coming out in September. Were adding additional contents, so keep an eye out for it. As for the wallpaper, I'll see what I can do.

    Jeffy, glad you like drawing from life. It's the best way to improve your artistic skills.

  4. i really enjoy your comic, i'm not much into comics, but yours, well a friend of mine just told me about it, has been some time since i was so exited about a lecture

    PD: eye candy was a great plus :P

    hope to continue your story soon, i was impressed when i read that you passed ten years making it

    best regards from mexico

  5. Victor, if you like this comic, you might also like Luftwaffe 1946 or Rex Mundi.

    Oh yes, and wallpapers would be great. :)

  6. Thanks Victor! Khari, Kinsun and I just finished the wrap-a-around cover for the trade. As soon as Image release the art, I'll post the wall paper here.

  7. Amazing. Thanks for your hard work, I hope its not the last Ì'll see of Carbon Grey. I really want a One Shot about Goette... and hope there is a future for him.

    Im waiting for those wallpapers, with or without bubs.

  8. goette is already dead O_O or not...?

    the hardcover is coming out in semptember if i remember the solicitations in CBR

  9. Just read all 3 issues. Amazing art and story man! It was good enough for me to post this and I never post stuff online! Cant wait until the one shots and 2nd arc. You got my pull list!


  10. Anonymous, Victor Neyoy - Mentor Goethe is not really dead, we'll expain why in the next arc. He too cool of a character to be taken out like that :)

    anguyen - Thanks dude, you just made our day :)

  11. did you have plans for an one shot telling the story of gottfaust?

  12. Yes, we're planning the story of Gottfaust along with a number of other characters as well. Look for the Carbon Grey Origins in October.