Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hidden Gems: Carbon Grey

Here is a nice article from Mary Staggs http://panelsonpages.com/?p=42103  She picked up on many of the nuances from the story and was very perceptive. Well done Mary and thank you for the wonderful article.


  1. Hi Hoang, you've got quite a collection of lovely wonders, too! I recently saw some of your published works at Dragon*Con. Thanks for filling the world with your creativity.

  2. Hi Hoang,
    About once every week I pick up my copies of Carbon Grey and look through them again - there is so much detail and such delicate handling of the story. You are a superb artists. I know how hard making your vision a reality is - I'm so glad you've stayed dedicated to your vision.

  3. A very good job. Beautiful image, congratulations!