Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How I used gun props in my work

Here is a video showing my working process for Carbon Grey.


  1. MP5's have been discontinued by H&K for a few years now. The replacement is the MP7. The L85A2 sure is an ugly beast. It's always nice to work with real models when possible.

    1. What's the best way to buy as directly from the creators of this book as possible?
      I was looking for BKV's Saga the other night, and after poking around on Image's main page ran into Crimson Grey.
      After downloading the first three books and reading the first (and then passing out, it was 2am...) I knew I had to support you guys.
      Is buying from Image best? Do you have your own store? If possible I'd like 100% of what I spend to go to you guys.

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  2. Hey Friedhamster, thanks for your support! you can pick up the book from us here (it'll be signed):

    or you can buy it from Amazon and your local comic shop. Whichever you choose support us all.

    JeffY, thanks for the info. I still like the look of the MP5 over the MP7. As for the L85, it's a matter of preferences, I just like the Bullpup design.

  3. Yeah, the MP5 is a classic and a really nice design. I especially like the MP5SD. The L85's probably my least favorite of the bullpups. FS2000, P90, Tavor, even the Famas are nicer designs. Not to mention, didn't have the teething issues the L85 had. Still, it's a love it or hate it sort of thing with all the bullpups.

    Are you guy's going to be at Imageworld later this month? Wondercon is a bust since they moved it. Hope to see you guy's there. I'll be picking up the new book at the show I think.