Thursday, June 13, 2013

CG Kickstarter Campaign Funded!

 We made it with a total of $56,000! Thank you all so much!


Sometimes when I re-read some of my posts I sound like a broken record. It seems that I keep repeating the same phrases - "thank you" again and again. I feel like I lack the ability to express my gratitude. I don't know what else I can say, so I'll say it in Vietnamese instead - Cảm ơn!

We did it together - all 861 backers, co-workers, friends and families. When I think about the time I first drew the sketch of Mathilde (see below) and Giselle in 2002, it seems so distant but somehow feels like it was yesterday. Today, you've all granted me my wish - to finish what I started.

And, of course, we unlocked stretch goal #2 - the miniature replica of Giselle's MP5 for backers who pledged at the $50 tier and above - an amazing achievement. We didn't quite make it far enough to unlock the figurine of Mathilde to stand beside Giselle, but maybe it's just as well - they'd only fight :)

Before it's too late I want to say a special thank you too to the other creative teams on Kickstarter that held cross-promotions with us, and helped to tell the world about Carbon Grey. We are in awe of your work.
In the following week, I will send out the survey to collect your addresses - please add any special notes you have for me then. Hopefully you all caught the mix-up with the US shipping costs (See the main page for details), but don't worry if you missed it, I'll go over it with you at the survey stage. We'll also start making the digital rewards available for download as soon as they're ready - starting over the next few days with the back issues. Many of you have asked about the add-ons; please PM me through Kickstarter. This makes it easier for me to keep track of everyone's special orders and changes.

One last time - thank you very much! it has been a wonderful and exciting experience. More things to come soon!

So this is it, I can finally say these words. Coming soon - our final chapter of Carbon Grey - where this epic saga comes to a close as we unravel the mystery behind the rock and Gottfaust's prophecy. We promise to close all lose ends and wrap up all unanswered questions. We're currently underway on the first issue and will continue to update you (here, on Facebook, our blog and on Twitter) with our progress. It's going to be a good one!

Best - Hoang

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