Monday, June 10, 2013


A message from Hoang

WOW, what a roller coaster ride! It was exhilarating, stressful but most importantly FUN - a lot of fun. It took us over a month to plan, execute and finally launch the campaign. With baited breath we crossed our fingers and hoped that people would take notice of our work and support us. But we knew that, no matter how well we planned, nothing was guaranteed.

Today, you made it happen. You guys have given us an opportunity to finish what we started over a decade ago. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH!!!

When planning the campaign we tried to come up with interesting and unusual rewards that might reflect the spirit of Carbon Grey (beyond just giving away copies of the comic), and as a result we’ve had quite an adventure. It’s given us the opportunity to commission new work from artists and musicians, to learn about manufacturing processes and gain new crafting skills making custom rewards.

It’s also led to us making a lot of new contacts and friends in other creative fields across the Kickstarter community. The feedback and advice from you - our backers and supporters - has encouraged us to go further still.

Unexpectedly Kickstarter has taken us and Carbon Grey into areas we’d never imagined - music, toy manufacture and perhaps even a tabletop game. We’re so grateful for this experience – it’s as valuable to us as the funding itself.

At its heart (as you’ll discover in volume three!) Carbon Grey is a story about the creative urge, and the consequences of suppressing it. We’re honored that you’ve allowed us the chance to express ours :).

Best - Hoang

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